10 Inspirational Quotes On Giving by David Oyadipo 

1. “No one can pray his way to prosperity. No one can fast his way to riches. No one can beg his way to abundance; you can only give your way out.”

2. “Prayer and fasting does not change your financial situation. Giving is what does.”

3. “When you live life for yourself, you don’t go up. But when you live for the benefit of others, nothing stops you from going up.”

4. “Addicted givers will always walk in financial dominion.”

5. It takes giving to grow up. It takes continuous giving to remain up. And it takes growing in giving to continue growing up.

6. “To walk in financial dominion, you must start having a global view about life. God will not bless anyone beyond his commitment to impacting his world.”

7. “As long as the day and night remains on course, God’s covenant of Prosperity stands sure. You need to work your way into it.”

8. “The giving covenant is not about the volume, but about the heart. You can start from where you are.”

9. “Don’t belittle your seed; it is the custodian of your future.”

10. “Anytime you sow a seed, you plant into your garden. What you keep won’t grow; it is what you plant that grows.”

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