Download ‘I Will Sing’ by Lucky Luke prod by Dabliz

In the spirit of consistency talented gospel music singer Lucky Luke has yet again release another dance tune titled I WILL SING. 

Let all nations sing and give God praise, put on your dancing shoes download and enjoy. 

Producer by Dabliz of Tritone Studio

Click Here to DOWNLOAD


Lyrics of song:

Intro: Someone Put on Your Dancing shoes, Let us go the Dancing stage as we enthrone the most HIGH GOD


I will sing and dance

Shout and Praise

Hail HIS name

Ebami gwee Jesu have

Verse 1

The glorious in Holiness is our GOD

Mighty in wonders HIS Praises ring

All the nations sing,Let the earth rejoice

Declare that He is GOD over all

Our GOD strong and mighty,lets give HIM Praise

Who’s voices can still down all Stormy sea

Who’s by HIS Mighty hand rules in every nation

Elohim, Your name is the most HIGH GOD

Verse 2

With a song and Dance offering

Let’s come to HIM 

Whose Power upholds all exceedingly

He’s turning Your burdens to Praise and Dance

Let’s Celebrate for Victory is ours

For HE has conquered the grave

That we might reign with HIM

Triumphing,Rejoicing in all the earth

No MOUNTAIN can stand when we shout and sing

Elohim Your name is the most HIGH GOD


Solo: I go sing

Response: I go sing

Solo: I go dance

Response: I go dance

All: I go give to my GOD a new song of Praise

Solo: I go shout

Response: I go shout

Solo: I go Praise

Response: I go Praise

All: I go give to my GOD a new song of Praise

Click here to Download 

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