Download “Many Atimes” by Ndumax

Aba based gospel music singer Ndumax releases new single titled Many Atimes, let’s join him with this wonderful worship song to give thanks to God for life. 

We have hope because God is not a man. 

Click Here to Download


Many a times I tried to do things in my own way.

After something I found out that am not good anyway I called upon Him he showed me His way so what can do without you…

2.. D way of man is not the way of our Lord the joy of every righteous man come from our Lord but I will try ..I will try to worship I will try to worship Ur Holy name..


You give me life give me strength u give me hope life am living just right now is for u.uuu it is for u U alone is for u alone what can do without u oh My Lord(2x)

3) (modulation) 

Many years ago I have trying to work on my own way I never knew that my Lord has prepared a big thing for meeeeeeeee…….

Chorus 3x

Click Here to Download 

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