Pastor David Ibiyeomie Never Said You’re Irresponsible If Single @ 35yrs. Watch The Video 

Here’s the word to word text of where he made the statement, the context of the statement was grossly misinterpreted.
David Ibiyeomie: How can you be 35yrs, 36yrs or 37yrs dey do boyoyo, at 37yrs you are doing boyoyo dey put trouser for waist here? (the man of God referring and demonstrating someone sagging his trousers @ 37yrs) 

At 37yrs you dey do boyoyo here “say if you see how these girls dem die for me” ‘(Congregation cheering)’, 

Be responsible, be what? 

Carry a wife so you can be responsible… How can a full fledged man in your thirties (30+) you are still doing small boy.

All these girls I no know which one I go marry oh, You are not a responsible man Accept responsibility…

CLICK Here To Download Video 3.3mb

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