DOWNLOAD Fellow Man By Uche Monye

Exceptional fast rising Gospel Singer, Uche Monye has released her much anticipated single titled “Fellow Man”.

Words from Uche, “Fellow Man was written in 2012, recording in 2014 and rerecorded in 2018. I believe this song is about to be someone else’s testimony as it is mine already.

It’s my earnest prayer that WE ALL will be evidently blessed and be a blessing, be happy and Joyful, be content and at Peace; it is my Ernest prayer that the workings of the hand of God will not just be for a few but also for you and your fellow man and when people are testifying, you, me and my fellow man will not be left out.

Goodness, Gladness and Glory for you, for me and even my fellow man”.

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Verse One:

I wrote this song while you were asleep

Now you’re listening to it while I’m asleep

Heaven is my witness that the promise is come,

I got nine yesterday,

on the way are some.

Hey fellow man, help me

The fishes are so much

Didn’t think I’d get this much

Alert all you can say “Come see”

My net’s gonna break

and the boat’s gonna shake.


This is the day that I wait(wait)

Nazareth, run come and see(see)

Can you see my night is gone(gone)

Can you see my day is dawn(dawn)


Hold me not free, let me free

I think I’ve had my share of nils

When I couldn’t see through the sky

And the rain blurred my eyes

Yet, I stood I did

I didn’t take a flight, instead I stood and fought my fight

Yes I could, and I win

I paid my dues,

now my song you can use.



If you have a testimony, let me see your hands up(hands up)

If you know that your Joy has come, let me see your hands(hands up)

All: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

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