The Body Was Found Under The Bed While Her Head Was Inside The Fridge

Sibongile Zenzile who was 29 years old was murdered by her Senegalese boyfriend, named Elhadji Adama Kebe. The suspect is going through court proceedings and he has expressed his eternal regret for murdering the woman.

Kebe who is 33 years old, arrived in the country from Senegal in 2016 and was later apprehended the next Day after he murdered the woman, the police found him in his shop, but he murdered Zenzile his flat by cutting off her head.

He said he did not know what happened to him that day, he could not stay at home because he couldn’t stand to see her body. He further went on to say that he knew he would be apprehended

Law enforcement is urging members of the public, who might have information that could lead to the apprehension of suspects to come forward and give that information.

This is the most horrible thing that a person could do to another person and law enforcement is still trying to determine the circumstances, that led to the Killing it seems like this boyfriend is saying that he was confused.

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