Download Mp3: NEEDTOBREATHE – Live From the Woods Vol. 2

GRAMMY Award-nominated rock band NEEDTOBREATHE has released a brand new live album, Live from the Woods Vol. 2. NEEDTOBREATHE welcomed fans to witness the live recording of the album during two socially distanced outdoor concerts at famed venue The Caverns in Pelham, TN on March 13 and 14.

Live from the Woods Vol. 2 follows NEEDTOBREATHE’s 2015 live album Live from the Woods and marks one of the band’s first concerts in front of a live crowd since January 2020. NEEDTOBREATHE decided to invite local audiences to experience these unforgettable shows, while simultaneously capturing them for listeners worldwide. Fans can expect electrifying performances of tracks from the platinum-selling group’s catalog, songs off their chart-topping new album Out of Body, and more.

Tracklist for ‘Live From The Woods Vol. 2’ By NEEDTOBREATHE

1. Mercy Shore (Live From the Woods)

2. Prisoner (Live From the Woods)

3. Alive (Live From the Woods)

4. Who Am I (Live From the Woods)

5. Great Night (Live From the Woods)

6. Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now (Live From the Woods)

7. Banks (Live From the Woods)

8. Garden (Live From the Woods)

9. Bridges Burn / Forever On Your Side (Live From the Woods)

10. Riding High / Honky Tonk Women (Live From the Woods)

11. Hang On (Live From the Woods)

12. Survival (Live From the Woods)

13. With A Little Help From My Friends / Brother (Live From the Woods)

14. Child Again (Live From the Woods)

15. Encore Medley: Something Beautiful, White Fences & Washed By The Water (Live From the Woods)

Stream & Download

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