Watch Video: Timothy Davis – The Cross (Remastered) [Download Mp3]

“The Cross (remastered)” a new single from Timothy Davis, goes for adds today to Christian AC-formatted radio outlets. A video for the single, which previously was released to all digital outlets, is available on YouTube.

Davis, a bi-vocational pastor who also is an evangelist, worship leader, songwriter and musician, wrote and produced “The Cross” The song, Davis says, was inspired by the powerful film, “The Passion of the Christ.” “(The movie) made an indelible mark on my heart,” he says, adding that it took the recording artist years before he could record and produce the single. “I just kept seeing The Cross standing in the crossroads of our lives where everyone would have to make a choice sooner or later to serve Jesus and bow at the foot of The Cross in surrender or go into another direction and lose their soul forever.

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Verse 1:
There’s a road that we walk on
Where everyone must choose their own way
Our life on Earth’s not long
Compared to the time we have to pay

Pre Chorus
In the cross roads of life there stands up tall
A symbol of God’s grace
He gives to all

It’s the cross, it’s the cross
It has power to save, still today
It’s the cross

Verse 2:
This memorial that speaks to men
Held the one who cleanses all our sin
But He’s alive
He bled and died for you and me to come and bow before His feet
And worship the Kings of Kings

Pre Chorus
Every tribe and nation, every eye will see
The power behind His sacrifice that sets men free

Repeat chorus

He freely gave His life for you and me
But on the third day rose again to set us free

Repeat chorus

There’s a road that we walk on
Where everyone must choose his own way

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