Do These Things Before you Pray And You Will See Your Life Changing Every Day

There are moments when everything comes crashing down when you lose your footing when everything gets jumbled up. Nothing makes sense to us, and we still wonder if God really exists. Naturally, expressing your dissatisfaction, sorrow, and agony is difficult. It is also necessary to pray with these terms.

When all seems to be falling apart, one might wonder if God really exists. In the words of those who have faced adversity, here are few prayers of comfort.


Consider one of the following psalm verses: “How long, Lord, will you forget me?” “How long, Lord, will you hide your face from me?” (Psalm 12, verse 2)

Why do you seem so far away, Lord? Why would you want to hide at a time of distress? (Psalm 9b, 1, Psalm 9b, 1, Psalm 9b, 1,

I’ve been calling you all day and you haven’t returned my calls. (Psalm 21, verse 3)

Look, Lord, my God, respond to me! Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please (Psalm 12, verse 4)


Consider one of the following psalms as a starting point for your meditation:

I’m crying out to you, Lord! It’s a shame. Please reply to me! “Seek my face,” my heart has told me once more. I’m looking for your face, Lord; please don’t hide it from me. (Psalm 26, verses 7-9)

Psalm 30: I entrust my soul to your care.

Why have you abandoned me, O God? Psalm 21:

Why do you mourn, O my soul? Psalm 41:

Psalm 38: Don’t turn a deaf ear to my weeping.

Psalm 87: In this night of my weeping.

Does God forget to be merciful, according to Psalm 76?

Psalm 129: I call out to you from the depths of my being.

I am with him in his courtroom, according to Psalm 90.

Someone who remembers me, according to Psalm 141.


I made an effort to be good, believing that I could change my circumstances. The exact opposite has occurred. I failed an exam that would have qualified me to advance, or we chose to promote someone else, or I utterly failed in this endeavor. I’m making a request of you, Lord. Help me to lose my aversion to bitterness. Please don’t let my self-assurance sag. Give me the courage to start over, even though it means going somewhere else. Thank you for your prayers.


You owe man the ability to participate in the work of your creation, Lord. However, I am still unemployed. I looked for a few and will continue to look for more, but nothing came up. I’m feeling suffocated and ineffective. Save me from being discouraged. Keep me available for assistance during your forced leisure. Awaken my mind to new possibilities both inside and outside of myself. Renewed my faith on a regular basis. My energy should be created. Encourage me to continue to place my confidence in you and myself.


How can I pray, Lord Jesus, when evil crushes me to the point that I can no longer bear it… Be with me today, all of you who have seen the depths of pain and have been there. Help me hang on by all of you who have persevered to the end. Come and pray in me by your Holy Spirit, those of you who are alive. Allow the breath of your Resurrection to move through me when I am going through this ordeal. Thank you for your prayers.


Lord, someone I care about (a friend, my spouse, etc.) has deceived me. My life’s light was trampled on, trampled underfoot by the friendship (love) that lit it up. I’m still bleeding from the heart. All around me seems to be collapsing. This must-have occurred to you when Judas abandoned you to sell you when the others fled for their lives, and you were left alone to face your foes. It’s too soon for me to be pleading with you for courage, determination, and hope. But, Lord Jesus, at the very least, come and weep with me.


When nothing goes well and I say, “What’s the point?” you instill in me the desire to live and progress. Still, I have the option of turning to you, praying, and requesting your help. You’ve instilled in me the ability to live and progress, and you’ve chosen me to triumph over death. Lord, give me this sigh of optimism that will keep me going for the rest of the day. Make yourself at home in my presence. You are my friend in the expectation of better days ahead. I’m going to restart my life with you, and I’m going to proclaim your Love without ceasing.

If you keep these Bible verses in mind, your life will continue to change for the better every day…

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