Watch Video: Jess Ray – Nobody Knows [Audio + Lyrics]

Jess Ray “Nobody Knows” is the feature track from the album. Click here to view the official video for the song, which is also placed below.

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Nobody knows my lonely road
What I’ve taken and forsaken
What is hidden and what is untrue

Nobody knows except for you

Nobody my lowest lows
Paths I regretfully chose
How I made my bed in the depths
And yet you never left

Nobody knows in the shadows
Of the night how I would fight
A war within under my skin
Pulled in-between two versions of me

But when I was at my end
There was the hand of a friend
I spoke a word in my chest
A silent weak internal “yes”

Nobody knows how the sky broke
Over my head and it started
Raining, pouring blessings more than
I could ask or hope for

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